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Medical device QMS

Why Medical Device Startups Need a QMS Early

As a medical device startup, when should you establish your QMS? We make the case for getting started ASAP...

Healthcare investors

What Healthcare Investors Look for in Medical Device Companies

Is your medical device company looking to attract healthcare investors? Here’s what they’re looking for before they invest:

Medical device commercialization

The 5 Necessary Steps for Medical Device Commercialization

There are five critical steps that are necessary for medical device commercialization. Have you considered each of these?

Digital health

Where is Digital Health Heading in a Post-Covid World?

Where is digital health heading in a post-covid world? Innovations are set to continue - here’s where we see the future of connected solutions:


How FDA and EU MDR Regulations Differ for Medical Device Companies

The EU MDR vs FDA regulations both have a few differences that medical device manufacturers should be aware of. Here’s a quick rundown:

What Are SaMD?

What Is SaMD? A Quick Guide for Medical Device Startups and Investors

What is SaMD? Here’s why both medical device startups and investors should take a second look:

FDA Pathways

FDA 510(k) and Pathways to Market for New Medical Devices

Developing a new medical device? Determining your FDA pathway to market early can help to smooth your way. Here are three possible routes:

elderly struggling with technology

The Disadvantages of Technology in Healthcare

Technology permeates our lives more than ever, as technological advances continuously emerge. Every industry has been upended and transformed, including the...

pipeline cyber attack

What a Colonial Pipeline Attack Teaches Us About Cybersecurity

The cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline experienced heavy media coverage last month, and for good reason. The important pipeline system...