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Galen Data; Benefits of the New Medical Device Ecosystem

Sensor Platforms, Cloud Connectivity, and New Medical Dev​ice Ecosystem Benefits (Part II)

The Benefits of the New Medical Device Ecosystem: In this Galen Data report part II on Sensor Platforms, Cloud Connectivity, and...

New Medical Device Ecosystem: Sensor Platform

Sensor Platforms, Cloud Connectivity, and the New Medical Dev​ice Ecosystem (Part I)

The New Medical Device Ecosystem: A transformation is underway in the realm of medical devices and medical sensor platforms — changing...

Galen Data and Zibrio Partner to Protect Homebound Seniors from Fall Risk During  COVID-19  

Galen Data Partnership Protects Homebound Seniors During COVID-19

Homebound seniors with balance issues will benefit during COVID-19 from a new partnership between Galen Data and Zibrio. It’s the latest...

Advanced Telesensors: A Connected Medical Device Success Story

Galen Data’s partnership with Advanced Telesensors (ATS) is a connected medical device success story — demonstrating how early stage medical device...

Telemedicine: Reaching Beyond Traditional Methods

How is telemedicine transforming beyond traditional applications? Here’s how data connectivity is powering a new wave of telemedicine use cases:

New Cybersecurity Requirements for MDR

New Cybersecurity guidance has been released for MDR. Kyle Rose of Rook Quality Systems gives us an overview...

Cloud connectivity

Design Considerations to Maximize Cloud Connectivity

What do medical device companies need to consider to maximize cloud connectivity? Here, we’re looking at some key factors:

How the Pandemic is Sparking Connected Medical Device Innovation

There is a lot of potential for connected medical devices to shape how we respond to pandemics of the future. Here’s what we’re seeing now:

Is Cloud Connectivity Worth the Investment?

Is cloud connectivity worth the investment for medical devices? Here’s what you should consider: