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What Are SaMD?

What Is SaMD? A Quick Guide for Medical Device Startups and Investors

What is SaMD? Here’s why both medical device startups and investors should take a second look:

FDA Pathways

FDA 510(k) and Pathways to Market for New Medical Devices

Developing a new medical device? Determining your FDA pathway to market early can help to smooth your way. Here are three possible routes:

elderly struggling with technology

The Disadvantages of Technology in Healthcare

Technology permeates our lives more than ever, as technological advances continuously emerge. Every industry has been upended and transformed, including the...

pipeline cyber attack

What a Colonial Pipeline Attack Teaches Us About Cybersecurity

The cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline experienced heavy media coverage last month, and for good reason. The important pipeline system...


Case Study: Galen Data Accelerates Go-To-Market for Gastric Diagnostic Startup, Alimetry Ltd.

Alimetry Ltd., a New Zealand-based startup, recently announced the launch of their revolutionary diagnostic tool for gastrointestinal disorders. The company knew...

Regulatory considerations for medical device cloud connectivity

Medical Device Regulation

Are you equipped to meet medical device regulatory needs today, and adjust for the changes of tomorrow? FDA medical device regulation...

12 MedTech Companies Revolutionizing Sleep

12 Sleep Technology Medical Devices Revolutionizing Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? If you’re like the majority of the population, the answer is: probably not. Not getting enough...

Banner The Somnera System Receives FDA Clearance in Record Time with the Help of Galen Data

Somnera™ gets FDA Clearance with the Help of Galen Data

Somnera (formerly Fresca Medical) is a medical device company with a focus on sleep devices. The company developed an innovative low-flow...

9 Medical Device Startups Investors Love

9 Medical Device Startups that Investors Love in 2021

Venture capital investments are the lifeblood of many successful technology startups, and medical device companies are no different. In fact, medical...