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Benefits of AI In Healthcare: A New Paradigm

AI is a big disruptor across most industries, with medical devices being no exception. Here’s how it is helping to advance how we approach healthcare:

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3 Future Trends in Medical Technology

What does the future hold for medical technology? We examine three trends that are taking us forward:

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Will Wearable Technologies Revolutionize Healthcare?

Wearable technologies are becoming more common among the general population. Here’s how healthcare is tapping into the tech and revolutionizing its procedures.

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Top 5 IoT Use Cases in Healthcare

The use of IoT in healthcare has far-reaching possibilities. Here is a rundown on some of the common use cases right now:

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4 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Patients and Physicians

Connected medical devices have a number of associated benefits. For patients and physicians, those benefits are often complementary. Here are some of the top benefits:

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What Medical Device Manufacturers Can Learn from Connected Devices

Connected devices bring many opportunities for learning from the data they collect. Here’s how medical device manufacturers can benefit:

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The Key Benefits of Connected Medical Devices

Connected medical devices are becoming an expectation among patients and clinicians. Here are the key benefits of connecting your device to the cloud:

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Managing Security for Cloud Connected Medical Devices

All cloud connected medical devices need to have good cybersecurity practices in place. Here’s what you need to consider:

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How to Manage Data Privacy for Connected Medical Devices

Privacy and security are big issues for manufacturers producing connected medical devices. Here are some steps for managing them: