HeartHero medical device

Galen Data Inc. and HeartHero, Inc. are proud to announce a partnership that will accelerate the commercialization of HeartHero’s life-saving emergency medical device. HeartHero, headquartered in Denver, CO, has developed a first-of-its-kind “smart” Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and is poised to deliver with Galen Data’s turnkey cloud platform a much-needed transformation in the care of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The founder and CEO of HeartHero, Gary Montague, was previously a CIA Medical Officer where he experienced first-hand the need for a highly portable and more robust alternative to traditional AEDs to help improve outcomes following SCA. That need, coupled with a vision for a cloud-connected AED, led to the formation of HeartHero.

The Galen Cloud™ provides that cloud connectivity solution for HeartHero. The HeartHero team initially turned to Galen Data, who built the first turnkey cloud solution for medical device makers, because of their configurable, secure, and compliant platform available at a fraction of the cost. By leveraging the Galen Cloud, instead of building a custom solution, HeartHero will reduce time-to-market for the device “by several months” according to Montague, “and will cost significantly less to implement and maintain.”

The founders of Galen Data have a combined 50+ years of experience in healthcare technology, medical devices, and regulatory compliance. They founded the company to make cloud connectivity — which was previously only accessible to the most well-funded companies — available to the ever-growing number of medical device companies. “Everything is data,” said Chris DuPont, Founder and CEO of Galen Data, “we knew that healthcare would be transformed through the availability of better and faster data — that’s why we built Galen Data.” With regards to HeartHero, DuPont continued, “their technology is going to save lives and we’re thrilled to partner with them. Our platform is a perfect fit for their intended use cases.”

HeartHero Smart AED

There are over 300,000 cases of SCA per year in the US and 12 million Americans are at high risk. With over 70% of SCA happening at home — and a survival rate under 10% — HeartHero’s mission isn’t just to provide a better AED, but to make these life-saving devices accessible to the average consumer. The new device is designed to be ultra-portable (at less than 1.3 lb) and more affordable, utilizing standard off-the-shelf batteries. The company aims to have these in every home safety kit — as ubiquitous as a fire-extinguisher or carbon monoxide alarm.

Cloud connectivity in the device allows it to automatically alert first responders and send them the patient’s location. The device captures data from the event and transmits it to the Cloud to make it readily available to medical providers, aiding in better clinical decisions and patient outcomes. The data collected will also be used to advance the medical community’s understanding of SCA — which has been notoriously difficult to study.

HeartHero’s implementation on the Galen Cloud will also support device monitoring and management. AEDs need to work when deployed, and if not monitored, may not be ready to use at that critical moment. Being alerted in advance if a device needs maintenance can be the difference between life and death. Safety managers for companies and large facilities will be able to use the application to track and monitor hundreds, or even thousands, of devices in their deployment at their fingertips. DuPont sees this added notification feature as a game changer in the industry and adds that, “connecting AED machines to the cloud and having important alerts and data available on your smartphone is what sets HeartHero’s product apart.”

Montague summarized the partnership saying, “We like to work with the best of the best for each component of our product. We did our due diligence and Galen Data delivered everything that we needed now, and allows us to build for the future.”

HeartHero plans to have the product commercially available in the second half of 2021.