Altair Medical aims to revolutionize care for respiratory symptoms and diseases with its advanced, cloud-based respiratory monitoring sensors. Their technology has earned FDA Breakthrough Medical Device designation. Recently, Altair Medical decided to transition to Galen Data’s cloud platform to accelerate development for a commercial product. 

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Monitoring Respiration in Real-time

Dr. Bruce Henderson, a Forensic Physician, founded Altair Medical after recognizing the advantages that comprehensive respiratory monitoring would have for patients with respiratory illness.

Outside of hospitals, many respiratory monitors rely on photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors, which use cardiac data to calculate breathing rates. This method can be inaccurate, and it’s very difficult to determine anything besides breathing rates.

Altair Medical’s technology combines hardware and software to capture the patients’ breathing waveforms — in a clinical environment or remotely. With real-time respiratory metrics generated from a range of proprietary algorithms, Altair Medical can provide physicians significantly more information about patients’ health.  

Choosing a Cloud Platform for Altair Medical’s Algorithm and AI

Real-time respiratory monitoring captures a lot of data, and cloud connectivity for doctors and patients was a must.  

Altair Medical considered two cloud platform providers early on; however, it became apparent that these providers would not meet the company’s needs. When they discovered Galen Data’s healthcare-focused cloud platform, the team at Altair Medical knew it was what they had been looking for. 

Galen Data’s cloud platform can host Altair Medical’s proprietary algorithms and AI features. It offers the necessary FDA, HIPAA, and ISO 13485:2016 compliance. And Galen Data’s AWS-based systems and pay-as-you-go model provided additional confidence for this early-stage startup. 

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“Working with Galen Data has most definitely accelerated our timeline,” says Chris Trueman, Altair Medical’s CTO. “To build that type of infrastructure, you need four or five developers, a project manager, and a business analyst. In addition, there’s all the documentation overhead of ISO 13485.” 

Altair’s CEO, Dr. Bruce Henderson, said “As we embark on performance and clinical testing prior to regulatory submission, integrating with Galen Data at this stage is allowing us to easily manage sensor data far earlier than we would otherwise have anticipated. The benefit is enormous, and the team at Galen could not have been more helpful.” 

Now, with the strong foundation of the Galen Cloud, Altair Medical’s developers can focus entirely on building their product without worrying about the infrastructure.

Partnering Together to Advance Respiratory Monitoring

The company hopes current and future clinical trials prove that their proprietary algorithms and AI can identify symptoms earlier and alert clinicians — potentially even diagnose conditions —  by analyzing patients’ breathing waveforms. When they do, it’ll be with the help of Galen Data’s cloud platform for healthcare technology.

“We’re very keen to expand,” says Trueman. “We want to be all over the world with our sensor, and we’re quite happy to have Galen Data’s infrastructure to support that.”